Shopko Pharmacy Closing in Eugene

Early last week, Wisconsin-based pharmacy and retail store, Shopko, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The retailer will be closing 120 of its pharmacies nationwide and over 100 brick-and-mortar locations. This week, Shopko held an auction for external businesses to purchase its available pharmacies. Out of the 120, Walgreens Boots Alliance walked away with 63 Shopko locations. Walgreens expressed their excitement in an announcement saying, “We are pleased with the auction results, and pending final approvals of the bankruptcy court, we look forward to welcoming patients to our pharmacies.” Unsurprisingly, other major retailers who purchased the remaining available locations include Kroger, Albertsons, Rite-Aid, and CVS.

This is an interesting development, but why does it matter? One of the 120 discontinued Shopko pharmacies happens to be right here in Eugene. Though there’s no news on whether the location has been purchased yet, there are hundreds of customers who will be displaced by Shopko’s pharmacy closing. What has been an unfortunate turn for Shopko, may be a blessing in disguise for locals.

As a pharmacy ourselves, we know it can be a pain to go through the process of picking a new, trustworthy place to get your medication, especially with so many places to choose from. Transferring existing prescriptions, making new connections, seeing where your insurance works, and seeing if the specific pharmacy you’ve chosen fills your medication is a lot! But for those of you who do get your prescriptions filled at Shopko, and even those of you who don’t, know that picking a pharmacy is so much more than its distance from your house.

Turn to a Local Pharmacy with Great Service & Delivery

To help out those who may be affected by the closure of our local Shopko pharmacy, and because we know what a pain it can be to switch pharmacies, we’ve made a list of tips to help you pick your next (and hopefully even better) pharmacy in Eugene.

1. Keep It Local, Keep It Personal

Though Shopko is well known throughout the United States, take a look at reviews from customers. By no means is Shopko or its major competitors “bad” establishments, but the larger the corporation, the less likely it is to focus efforts on creating and maintaining personal relationships with its customers. Walgreens, CVS, and Target all have massive customer bases. As such, a complaint or the mistreatment of one customer is more likely to get brushed under the rug by the company (and show up on Yelp!).

Local pharmacies, on the other hand, are held accountable. Because their customer base is smaller, local pharmacies are more likely to commit to the satisfaction of their customers. More than a transaction, the customer is a potential relationship. Opting for local is an incredible benefit, specifically when choosing a pharmacy.

At our River Road & Creswell Health Mart Pharmacies, for example, we make a point to create real relationships with our customers. Bad service isn’t an option because we rely on our community to support us, just like we want to support them. Community is something you can’t expect from a large pharmacy like you can with a local one.

2. Consider the Perks, Like Delivery

Smaller pharmacies tend to have special perks larger corporations simply can’t maintain. Sure, the Walgreens pharmacy is conveniently located near your office, but what if instead of having to include a medication run in your already busy day, you could get it delivered directly to you at your home or office?

Unlike a Walgreens or Shopko pharmacy, certain Eugene pharmacies, including ours, can deliver your medication when you can’t take the time out of your day to get there. Even if you could spare the time, the convenience is unbeatable. At both of our pharmacies, delivery ranges from FREE to $3. Plus, we can mail your medication(s) to anywhere in Oregon.

3. Let’s Talk Insurance

Insurance is a big factor. Be sure to know which pharmacies work with your insurance company. A red flag would be one that has a limited reach. Because insurance policies can change, choosing a pharmacy that works with many insurance companies is essential. You want flexibility, reliability, and options.

While larger pharmacies tend to work with a large variety of insurance companies, a lot of people make the mistake of assuming local pharmacies don’t. Look into it! You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised. Not only will you be covered, but you’ll also have a more friendly and personable experience while getting your care.

4. Pets Are Part of the Family, Too!

If you have a furry friend, don’t forget to consider their wellness in your pharmacy search. Pet medication is often overlooked, causing people to pay more when their furry friend is sick. In a pinch, we’re all willing to pay what it takes, but why not plan ahead?

Local pharmacies, including Health Mart, can be more likely to give customers what they need in terms of pet care. In addition to offering affordable medication for your pet, we can even compound their medication. For those of you who don’t know, compounding is altering prescription medication to suit the customer’s – in this case, the animal’s – specific needs. This can include adding flavoring, changing the strength or dosage, diluting, concentrating…you get the picture. Most pharmacies can and will compound commercially available medications for humans, but not necessarily for pets.

Over-the-counter medication is yet another pet plus at a local pharmacy. Don’t even think about getting your simple flea protection from a veterinary clinic! They usually up-charge even the simplest medications. Choosing local really does benefit the entire family – even Fido.

While it may be an unfortunate situation for Shopko, its pharmacy closure in Eugene will hopefully cause displaced customers to find somewhere to suit their needs that’s even better. Deciding to drop the chain pharmacy and opting to choose local can make all the difference in your medication experience. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our pharmacies and services, please contact us.